How to Choose a Provider

How to find a qualified provider
The strength of a good company is in its narrow focus and broad resources. By specializing in text services, it can concentrate on building expertise and finding and keeping professional staff. By diversifying its capabilities, it can meet a wider range of needs.

Using the right company will make your life easier, not harder.

The seven signs of competence

Quality control. Applicants are thoroughly tested, only experienced employees are hired, and all work is backed with a money-back guarantee. Verifiable references are provided.

Communication. Capable employees speak and write well. They listen intently and ask pertinent questions about style and technical terminology.

Accessibility. Calls are answered or returned promptly, time and attention is devoted to understanding your project, and the proper equipment and resources are available.

Estimates. Time and cost estimates are available without obligation and are accurate when representative work samples and detailed instructions are provided.

Personal characteristics. Professional proofreaders and copy editors are curious, reliable, versatile, observant, and meticulous.

Expertise. Trustworthy companies know their capabilities as well as their limitations. They will refuse a job if they are not qualified to do it accurately or on time and will refer you to an alternate provider.

Confidentiality. Client documents and all proprietary information are kept private.