Papyrus & Silicon: unusually named
Papyrus was the first paper, made from the fibers of the marshy papyrus plant.

Silicon (not silicone, by the way) is the contemporary data medium, a high-tech wonder fashioned from humble grains of sand.

Our name reflects the fact that we respect tradition and embrace technology. And it’s a nod to the variety of our work — novels and poems to brochures and websites — the alpha and omega of the written word.

Unusually quick
Over 85% of our short jobs are delivered within 24 hours of their receipt. Tell us your sob story and we may be able to reward you with same-day service.

Unusually polite
Our proofreaders and copy editors don’t force your copy to fit an arbitrary mold. But we do make occasional suggestions above and beyond the job because we care about your work as much as you do.

Unusually attentive
We keep continually updated and meticulously detailed style sheets for all our clients. Some are more than 20 pages long after being steadily compiled for more than two decades.

What’s the point? Style sheets guarantee consistency (even when we can’t assign the same staff), increase productivity (by cutting down on queries), and save time (by reducing routine research).

Unusually effective
We know editorial services aren’t glamorous. And we have to admit that not everyone notices their absence. But for those who do, every typo undermines your message. The result can range from confusion to mistrust.

Fortunately, we’re here to help.